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UMH Master Pro

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The UMH Master Pro designed to be connected to the main water line. Due to its high flow rate it is of great use for larger buildings, hotels and farming operations. The device is made of high quality brass and fitted with specifically selected gemstones and crystals. Inside the device, a hyperbolic flow cycle and 16 borosilicate glass vials filled with special liquids provide a highly stable energy field, emitting a resonant vibration.

It is built according to phi ratio sacred geometry to create a double helix (vortex) flow pattern. With this inline water structuring device, you can increase the efficiency of your business and manufacturing. Optimize your plant growth and lower the maintenance cost of your pipe systems and all appliances connected to it.


Holistic Water Purification
Energized and Structured Water
Proven Intra and Extra Cellular Hydration
Transform the Energetics of Water with Physics
High Quality Products Lovingly Created in Small Batches
Over 20 Years of Experience with Thousands of Satisfied Customers


Thread Size in inches: 1.5
Length in inches: 4.20
Diameter in inches: 3.11
Water flow gal/min: 42.26
Weight in lbs: 4.08


5-year warranty on function and device
UMH devices contain vials of highly charged water that are vulnerable to freezing. Do NOT install outside in cold climates or places where it is likely to freeze. Freezing is not covered by the warranty.